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Weasel's cool pet site award


Do you have a really cool pet site that you have put a lot of work into? Do you want some kind of recognition for it? Would you like an award for all your work? Well, apply for Weasel's cool pet site award!



How to apply:

You can click here for the form


 Email me with this info

If your site qualifies for the award, I will email you within a week (or 6) to let you know. If not, you wont get an email.

One more thing, if I ever find out that you stole this award, I know what news groups are, I know how to make a HUGE page about what a snake in the grass you are, and I know how to make your name mud. Even your mother won't admit to knowing you when I have finished with you. And having said that, I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to your submissions! :-)


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