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Sissy's Story

This story has a rather bittersweet ending. We have 9 cats total. One of which, is Sissy. Our poly dactyl (six toes), seven year old orange Tabby. He originally belonged to my grandmother, but she has passed on and we consider him the "house" cat, he belongs to all of us. Sissy was given the wrong name, considering *HE* is a real bruiser. Every day he came home with new injuries from his numerous fights. Up until four months ago, when he disappeared. This was about two weeks before Familiar came home to live with us. We searched, we put out ads in the paper, went to animal control, and then we gave up. Last week, my mother looked out her bed room window to find him sitting in it, watching her. Of course we were thrilled to see him, and took him straight to the vet. Sissy is missing 80% of his lower lip, and his upper right canine. The lower is broken off, halfway. He was hit by a car. He has a BB just under the skin in his back, some one shot him. He has a upper respiratory infection. And to top it off, he has FIV. (Feline Immunosuppresive Virus, similar to AIDS in humans) We thought about having him put to sleep, but decided it would be wrong after all he had gone through to come home. His lip is being repaired through several surgeries, his teeth will be pulled later on, he's been neutered to prevent him from spreading the virus by sexual activity, and the BB will be removed, but he will still have FIV. He is recovering from his 'vacation' and surgeries, slowly. He's a fighter, and I know he's got a few good years to go. Only now he will spend them on the couch, with my kids, watching cartoons. Written 7/20/97

Since I wrote this, Sissy has completed his third and final surgery. The jaw wire was removed today, and he is doing well. He's lying on the couch at this moment, sound asleep. He is a remarkable cat, after all he has been through, he looks great. He has gained back his weight, (all 15 some odd pounds!) and his fur has grown back as soft as a rabbit's. You can not tell there is anything wrong unless you look really close. The doctor gave us the BB, we're thinking of having it, along with a picture, mounted on a plaque in his honor. I'm sure it would seem silly to some, but only to those who have not had the pleasure of meeting him. He's a wonderful pet and friend, and we love him very much

Update 1/21/99

Sissy is doing wonderful! He shows no symptoms of the FIV. He's very active, you would think he was only a year old instead of 8 years old. He's very sweet. He loves to "talk" to us, and nearly every night when I go to bed, he hops up there and stares at me until I pet him good night. He and Familiar have become the best of friends. They love to wrestle together, and snuggle and play. You would think they were litter mates the way they act. I know a lot of people will say that since he has FIV, I shouldn't let him near the other cats. I'm not that worried about it. His "urges" are nonexistent, he no longer picks fights, and after over a year of being home no one else has gotten it from him. So, don't bother emailing me and griping me out about it, ok? You won't get an answer. We have made our decision. As long as everyone remains healthy and happy there is no reason to cause misery.


Sissy continues to do well. You would never guess he has FIV. He did recently develope a skin allergy to fleas, but using Advantage takes care of that. He's taken to being "Daddy" to everyone. I guess he figures that all the cats are his kids. It's really cute.


Sissy is doing very well. He's 9 years old now. His fur is rabbit soft, clean, he's gained weight, and he plays like he was an 8 month old kitten. He's also now testing negative for his FIV. This is a very good sign, it's may not be gone but it's at least in remission.

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