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Ok, so these aren't cats, but they're still our pets. :)

Our newest ferret

This is our newest ferret. He hasn't got a name yet, but we're working on it.

Our rats

These are our rats, Virginia Slim, Iris, and Nibbles. In that order. They belong
to my sister, me and my fiance. In that order as well. Virginia and Iris are both
girls and Nibbles is the boy. We think Virginia is pregnant, and we're pretty sure
that Iris is. They'll be moving to a bigger and better cage very soon. :)


Nibbles running around on our bed while I'm trying to take his picture.

Virginia and Iris

Virginia's eye is fine, she's just winking at us! Iris is feeling a bit shy now that
she's putting on her "baby weight" LOL!

Iris and Virginia

Their curiousity finally got to them and they had to take a look around the bed.
My sister is just out of the picture waiting to catch them if they go to far.


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