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She is a beautiful medium hair, black cat, with large gold eyes. Her eyes are huge because she is part Siamese. (She has the classic small thin head, and large eyes.) I adopted her from our local animal control agency. I had gone looking for a kitten. I found one, but it wasn't available for a few more days. I decided to come back for him. This was on a Friday, I would return Monday. On my way to the door, I saw a young cat in a cage closer to the top of the stack. I thought, but passed on her. We had five other adult cats. I figured they would fight. Monday morning came, and I had to take my grandmother to a doctor's appointment. When I got to the pound, the kitten was gone. It had been adopted as soon as they opened. As I started to leave, the cat I had passed on reached out and grabbed me. Literally! Her claws hooked into my shirt and she just stared at me. I looked at her card. Her time was up. Her 7 day claim period had expired, and so had her 3 day grace period. Which meant she would be put to sleep that night. Needless to say, Familiar came home with me that day. We have established that I am "Mommy". She follows me through the house as if she were not really a cat, but a dog. And just a few days ago, she blessed me with two adorable "grandchildren". Written 7/29/97

Update 10/6/97

Nonie and Gudgie have grown quite a bit since I last wrote of them. Nonie is very petite, like her mother. She is a short hair black and white. She's very feisty! She loves attacking my ankles as I walk through the house, and beats up her brother Gudgie all the time. Gudgie, on the other hand is exactly the opposite. He's HUGE! He is nearly twice the size of Nonie. You would never believe they were litter mates. He is black like Familiar, but he has a large white spot on his chest. He's going to look quite intimidating when he grows up, but he is also a big baby. He likes to cuddle far more than play. When I go to bed a night, he jumps up on the bed and lays down next to me. He insists that "grandma" is the warmest thing around.

Update 1/21/99

A lot can change in just over a year! Gudgie is not as big as we thought he was going to be, but he is certainly no light weight either! He weighs in at 11lbs 2ozs. Still a big boy :) We've recently discovered that he has a slightly enlarged heart. It's not all *that* serious, but still does pose some problems. In general he is healthy, but he's less active than the other cats. He sleeps more. My little Nonie is no longer my tiny lady. Weighing in at just over 10lbs. She's not much of a lady either, she's more than happy to slap the boys around and keep them in line! Miss Familiar has been aptly nick named, Fatty. She weighed a mere 8lbs when I adopted her, she now weighs a WHOPPING 15lbs!! What happened to my little baby? Oh yeah, she came to live with me! ;) That explains everything! They are all very content, spoiled rotten, and obviously well fed!

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