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Cat codes!

Having joined  alt.animals.felines I learned that there is a cat code you can use to describe your cats. Of course, with 12 (yes, twelve!) cats, I think a few people there would shoot me for my 5 million line signature! Can't say that I would blame them either! I know I would be annoyed! So, I'm using this page for my massive sig and adding a link in my sig for those who want to know. I think it's a good idea at least! :) So, here are my cat codes for all 12 cats. Starting with my cats, then going to my sister's, since I live with them and talk about them quite often.

My Cats


Familiar: DM+SI B Y 02 X L+ W++ C+++ I+++ T++ A- E++ H S+ V++ F Q P B++ PA PL SC++

Gudgie: DM B G 1.5 Y L W C++ I+++ T+ A E++ H S+ V F- Q--- P+ B PA+/PA PL- SC

Nonie: DS B+Wx Y+G 1.5 X L W C+++ I+++ T A E H++ S V++ F- Q+ P- B- PA- P- SC-

Frankenscragglekitty (aka #9): DL Rd+W G 5 Y L++ W++ C+ I++ T A--- E++ H S V++ F- Q-- P+ B-- PA++ PL+++ SC-

My sister's cats


Sarah Lee Breadbasket: DL Bt G 2.5 X L W C+++ I+++ T/T+ A E H++ S+ V F Q P B PA- PL- SC--

Samson Leone Kittycat: DS Bd+Wt Y 1.5 Y+ L+++ W- C*+++ I++ T/T-- A E+ H++ S/S+ V- F- Q+ P B-- PA- PL SC++

Sassy Fras: DL (W+B+R)t G 1.5 X L W C+++ I+++ T++/T+++ A E- H+++ S++ V--- F Q P- B- PA PL- SC-

Tiger: DS B+Bd+Wt Y 1.5 Y+ L++ W- C+++ I++ T- A E+ H S+ V+ F Q-- P- B-- PA-- PL-- SC+

Salem: DS B Y .7 Y L- W- C+ I+++ T+++ A++ E+++ H+ S+ V++ F Q P++ B+ PA++ PL++ SC+++

Happy: DS (W+B+R)d Y .7 X L-- W- C+++ I+++ T+ A+ E+++ H+ S++ V++ F Q P+ B+ PA+ PL++ SC

Patches: DC (B+R+O+Rd)r Y .7 X++ L- W-- C++ I+++ T- A- E+++ H S V+++ F- Q P B- PA PL+ SC

The "House" Cat


Sissy Foots: DS R+Wt C 8 Y L++ W+ C*+++ I+++/I++ T+++ A E++ H+++/H++ S++ V++ F Q+ P B-- PA+ PL+ SC++++


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